Students Club

1. ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) Cummins Student Chapter

ASME Student’s Section of Cummins College is established in September 2015. This is the first student section of its kind established in Savitribai Phule Pune University. ASME is unique and one of the broadest knowledge sharing platform in Mechanical Engineering discipline.

ASME provides many services to students of Mechanical and non-Mechanical Engineering. They include helping beginning students to understand the opportunities and responsibilities that they have and developing their interest in engineering through field trips and guest speakers.

ASME also provides its members with opportunities for student employment and for scholarships. Finally, the student section aids its graduating members to find jobs through resume books and career fairs.

Every year, 100+ new students’ registered for ASME memberships.
For AY: 2018-19, total 150+ students registered for ASME memberships, out of those 75 students have renewed their memberships.
The membership is free for First Year students.
ASME Cummins Student Section is not just a line on your resume, but it’s your
career connection !!!

Executive Committee 2018-2019

  1. CHAIR: Shraddha Pawar
  2. VICE CHAIR: Teja Kulkarni
  3. VICE CHAIR: Radhika Dharmadhikari
  4. SECRETARY: Aboli Lakhe
  5. ASSOCIATE SECRETARY: Aarya Vyavahare
  6. TREASURER: Prajakta Sudrik
  7. VICE TREASURER: Sanyani Kothari
  8. PROGRAMME HEAD: Tamanna Pattharwala
  10. OUTSOURCING HEAD: Ashwathi Rajeev
  11. PUBLICITY  HEAD: Aishwarya Ponkshe
  13. WEBMASTER: Samiksha Deshmukh

ASME Cummins Student Section Advisor: Dr Ravindra B Ingle, Dean Academics

2. SWE (Society of Women Engineers)

A global organization representing women in all fields of technology and engineering, the society of women engineers serves as a splendid platform for networking and keeping up with trends in industry. Join us in our endeavour to empower women to excel in all technical fields. Become a member today and have access to all global events and exciting scholarship opportunities.

President: Nikita Thakkar – 9049340111,
Vice President: Pragya Mishra- 8007871056,

3. Robocon

It is a robotic contest organized by Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union (ABU), a collection of over 20 countries of Asia Pacific Region. The robot is conceptualized, designed, analyzes, tested, manufactured, fabricated and run by the students.

Captain: Tejashree Vidhane -976566623,
Vice Captain: Chitra Sashikumar- 9762146929,

4. Code Club

For the students, By the Students!!
A club to open to students of all branches to improve coding skills along with gaining knowledge of new trends and technology in the field of computers through weekly sessions and regular workshops.
The membership is free. Also, Code Club members get discounts on workshops conducted.

Pradnya Chaudhari – BE COMP A – 9146030915,
Blessy Bestus – BE IT A – 8793600095 ,

5. Engineers Connect

It’s a non-profit organization aiming to spread the trending technologies among women so as to build a strong technical platform for them. We conduct regular workshops, Hackathons and meetups to more and more participation of girls.

Shivani Shinde – 9767404514,

6. PyLadies

An international non-profit organization to encourage more people in python coding and open source. Industry partner for PyLadies Pune is Red Hat Inc.
We conduct regular workshops, monthly meet-ups at the Red Hat Inc.

Shivangi Sinha – 9869204932,

7. Mozilla Club

An opportunity to join the awesome world of open source where we have many opportunities to learn and grow in various fields, be it technical or non-technical.

Rishita Bansal – 9503810913,

8. The Wordsmith

It is the printed version of the college newspaper which contains articles from students relating to various events in and outside the college, general awareness, interviews from industry experts and alumni, technical writing and regular pieces.

Captain: Raavi Uttarwar – 7875507007,
Vice Captain: Purva Choudhary – 8796075203,

9. Dance Club

Take more chances. Dance more dances!
Come and be a part of the Cummins dance Club and learn different dance forms. You might get to represent your college in various events.

Pooja Virani – 9730728536,

10. Music Club

An opportunity to showcase your talent of singing and playing instruments. There will be exciting events and competitions.

Pranjali Shrivastav – 9822875222,

11. Photography Club

We have exciting meetings and assignments. From framing to editing…every bit will be discussed. Workshops will be arranged. You shall get opportunities to participate in different events. Plus, you will be given a chance to cover all our college events and lots more of fun.

Vaidehi Patel – 9767197461,

12. Debate Club

Want to explore your hidden talent? Want to speak confidently to people? Want to improve your oratory skills?
Then, what are you waiting for. Join the Cummins Debate Club today.

The club hosts a variety of activities ranging from Group Discussions, mock MUN’s, jams, story telling, debating and many more. One of the exciting features is that there is no language barrier in any events and activities.

Drishti Jain – 9420864229,

13. Arts Club

A club for artists to showcase their talents through the art exhibitions hold by the art circle. The aim is to enhance the artistic minds within our college. Be a member of art circle and improve your artistic skills.

Ishwari Nalgirkar – 9028048859,

14. Team Zenith (Baja Team)

Team Zenith is a all girl team from MKSSS’s Cummins College of Engineering for Women competing in BAJA SAE. BAJA SAE is an intercollegiate design competition run by Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE). Each year the team focuses on doing better than last time and achieving a better rank. The team puts a strong front, bending all the stereotypical mindsets as they walk on their path.

Captain: Radheshree Ingle – 7720806600,
Vice Captain: Madhura Khunte – 8888124511,

15. Astronomy Club

This club aims to spread knowledge about this beautiful universe, it’s darkest secretes and moreover humankind’s relationship with it all. It conducts activities like: Instrument building and Sky gazing, guest lectures, group discussion will be conducted.

Poorva Bhalerao – 7774034359,

16. Drama Club

The Dramatics club’s main motive is to build up a team for intra state dramatics competitions like Purushottam Karandak and Firodiya Karandak. The club aims to teach all those who come the basics of theatre and then specialise in whatever department they gain interest in. Occasionally workshops are held to give a better overview of the theatre insustry and acting skills.

Ipshita Mahopatra – 8308679242,

17. The Ted Club

It organizes individual TEDx events with an aim of spreading ideas usually in the form of short, powerful talks. The speakers at the event belongs to the various disciplines. The club comprises of students from all branches and years shortlisted on the basis of a test and interview and have the taste of adhering to the rules and regulations of TEDx community to organize a city level event.

Shivangi Sinha – 9869204932,
Ruchi Rajput – 8552908336,

18. YUKTA: An Entrepreneurship Cell

Yukta is affiliated to Wadhwani Foundation and National Entrepreneurship Network. Yukta aims to bring together high potential students leaders and provide relevant skills and insights that will help to build there brand. We organize periodic activities, workshops and lectures to garnish the leadership skills in students. Also free certification courses on Entrepreneurship are available for members of E-Cell. Membership is free.

Faculty advisor:
Prof. Makrand Velankar,

CEO: Kajol Palil – 9403432501,
VP: Rajavi Velangi – 9158018372,

19. TechBuzz Club

If you passionately care about technology, business and everything in between ,then TechBuzz is the club for you. It’s a club where discussions/debates occur about topics primarily related to technology , business and recent updates in tech world. “In today’s world, the person with information is king. So are you ready to wear the crown?”

President: Shreeya Patil,, 9049383787