About Alumnae Association

Cummins College Alumni Association

The “Cummins College Alumni Association, Pune” is officially registered in October 2019. The purpose of forming this association is to promote the strengthening of the connect between our alumni, the society and the college. The association will help to develop a strong web of alumni with different years of passing. This will help create a strong network of Cummins Alumni which will work towards bonding with each other as well as with the current student of college. The association looks forward towards enhancing the Institute – Industry – Alumni connect which will cater to the requirements of students and the industry along with evolving the strong bond with out alumni from various fields. This association will serve as a platform that will help bring up the general welfare of the ever growing Cummins College community and the society as a whole.

There are fifteen members in the Managing Committee of the association. These   members are supported by the alumnae co-ordinators of the respective departments for the smooth and successful functioning of the association. The General Body meeting will be scheduled twice annually.

Following are the proposed activities of the  Association:

  • Felicitation of distinguished Alumni
  • Organizing Alumni meet at National / Global level
  • Sponsorship by Alumni for Technical events
  • Declaration of scholarships sponsored by Alumni
  • Involvement of Alumni in College-Alumni-Industry Interaction which will include,
    • Lecture series
    • Internship
    • Examiners and Judges for technical events
    • Project statements
    • Organization of Workshops
    • Organizing silver jubilee meets of respective alumni batches


Sr.No Post Name E-mail ID Contact No
1 President Meghana Vinay Vaidya megvaidya@gmail.com 9881724440
2 Vice President Dr.Mrudul Anand Dixit

Dean Alumni

mrudul.dixit@cumminscollege.in 9822692436
3 Secretary Pratima Kulkarni pratima.kulkarni@cumminscollege.in 9923831834
4 Treasurer Nutan Hemant Deshmukh nutan.deshmukh@cumminscollege.in 9130008813
5 Principal Dr.Madhuri Khambete principal@cumminscollege.in 9225517613
6 Member Padma Hendre padma.hendre@cumminscollege.in 9850950870
7 Member Reena Repe reperena@gmail.com 9326151759
8 Member Rashmi Hemant Roplekar rroplekar@gmail.com 9922991247
9 Member Priyanka Jayant Deo priyanka.deo94@gmail.com 9404739361
10 Member Amruta Yashwanta Gadre aygadre@gmail.com 9921352897
11 Member Purva Devdatta Kekatpure kekatpure@gmail.com 9881498308
12 Member Sujata Vishwasrao sujata.vishwasrao@hsbc.co.in 7875889214
13 Member Meenal Amod Kamlakar meenal.kamlakar@cummincollege.in 9423500100
14 Member Nivedita Makarand Daimiwal nivedita.damiwal@cumminscollege.in 9890612162
15 Member Prajakta Rohit Deshpande prajakta.deshpande@cumminscollege.in 9552544278
16 Department Coordinator Shubhangi Chaudhari shubhangi.chaudhary@cumminscollege.in 9850054262
17 Department Coordinator Sakshi Mandke sakshi.mandke@cumminscollege.in 9890832601
18 Department Coordinator Mandar Vahadane mandar.vahadne@cumminscollege.in 8087920450