Electronics and Telecommunication

The Department Vision

To provide excellent technical education for women in Electronics and Telecommunication engineering in the global context

The Department Mission

  1. To impart quality education that enables building up of successful careers and to motivate the pursuit of higher studies
  2. To train for adapting to technological advances and challenges in Electronics and Communication Engineering
  3. To provide an intellectually stimulating and congenial atmosphere for exploring new ideas in multidisciplinary fields, excelling in academics and co-curricular activities
  4. To instill ethics along with perseverance and empathy

The Department Program Educational Objectives

  1. To provide contemporary technical education and intellectually inspiring environment to build strong foundation for a successful career in Electronics, Telecommunication and related industries and prepare a base for higher education
  2. To impart thorough knowledge of Design, Logic building and Realization of Electronic Systems
  3. To develop independent thinking, ability to envisage new ideas and apply to multidisciplinary aspects of engineering and technology
  4. To inculcate professional ethics, good communication skills, leadership qualities and the spirit of team work
  5. To encourage resilient and collaborative efforts, thus achieving life-long self- enhancement as well as motivating and assisting others in the society to succeed

The Department Program Specific Outcomes

Students will be able to:

  1. Apply fundamentals of Electronics & Telecommunication engineering and Mathematics to solve complex engineering problems
  2. Acquire competency in design of Signal Processing, VLSI, Embedded, Automation, and Communication Systems in diverse fields including environmental and societal applications
  3. Work in teams and in leadership positions as committed professionals with strong ethics
  4. Adapt to rapid changes in technology and industry, undertake higher studies, research and engage in life-long learning

About The Department

Information about the Department:

The E&TC Department of MKSSS’S Cummins College of Engineering for Women (CCOEW), Pune was established in 1991. Initially, it started functioning with 60 students. The student intake was increased to 120 in 1997. The department has also started the Post Graduation (PG) course of M.E (Signal Processing) since 2009 with an intake of 18 students and second shift of UG with an intake of 60 students thus making the total strength as 180. In 2014 the department also started a research centre for PhD. Degree under Pune University.

The department is Accredited by the National Board of Accreditation (NBA) of All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE). The department has excellent infrastructure including Laboratories equipped with Hi-Tech equipment.

The department has a well qualified and experienced faculty with very good teacher student ratio. The department also has the advantage of collaboration with renowned industries like K.P.I.T., Avaya etc. The students of the department are also selected for undergoing Post Graduation Course of M.S. at Purdue University of the United States, since this college has a M.O.U with that University.

The students also do projects in collaboration with renowned industries which later help them in placements. The students are also encouraged to write papers on their projects and present them at various forums. Some of the students’ papers are also selected for presentation abroad at the international level. The students are encouraged to participate in Co-curricular activities like ROBOCON, SUPRA and BAJA National level Competitions. The students participate actively in NSS activities.

The Faculty of the department is encouraged to upgrade their knowledge by encouraging them to attend courses, workshops and seminars at state and national levels. The faculty is also deputed for PhD. The department also conducts Workshops, Guest Lectures, and Industrial visits to enhance technical knowledge.

The Department has a well equipped Library in spite of the college having huge central Library with Internet/Wi-Fi access.

Innovative Methods

Crossword Puzzle Computer Networks
Crossword Puzzle Information capacity and channel coding
Crossword Puzzle Soft computing techniques
Crossword Speech processing


Department Name F. Y. B. Tech S. Y. B. Tech T. Y. B. Tech B. Tech M. Tech
E&TC Engineering Sem I
Sem II
Sem I
Sem II
Sem I
Sem II
Sem I, II, III, IV


Department Name F. Y. B. Tech S. Y. B. Tech T. Y. B. Tech B. Tech M. Tech
E&TC Engineering Sem I Sem I
Sem II
Sem I
Sem II
Sem I
Sem II
Sem I, II, III, IV
madhuri-khambete Name Dr. Madhuri B. Khambete
Designation Professor and Director
Qualification PhD, M.E (E&TC)
Experience 26 years
Area Of Interest Digital Image Processing
Email madhuri.khambete@cumminscollege.in
Contact  No. 020-25311100
prachi-mukherji Name Dr. Prachi Mukherji
Designation Professor and HOD
Qualification Ph.D
Experience Teaching: 25 Years
Area Of Interest Digital Image Processing, Signal Processing and Communication
Email prachi.mukherji@cumminscollege.in
Contact  No. 020-25311200
sharada-ohatkar Name Dr. Sharada N. Ohatkar
Designation Professor
Qualification Ph.D
Experience 23 years
Area Of Interest Digital communication, Signal coding, Wireless communication, Estimation and detection theory
Email sharada.ohatkar@cumminscollege.in
Contact  No. 020-25311204
shastry-p Name Dr. Sandeep S. Musale
Designation Professor
Qualification PhD. ME (Digital System)
Experience 17  years
Area Of Interest Signal and Image Processing
Email sandeep.musale@cumminscollege.in
Contact No. 020-25311230
anita-jain Name Dr Anita Jain
Designation Associate Professor
Qualification PhD (VLSI)
Experience 15.6 Years
Area Of Interest VLSI, Wireless Communication
Email anita.jain@cumminscollege.in
Contact  No. 020 -25311207
seema-rajput Name Dr. Seema Hemantkumar  Rajput
Designation Associate Professor(E&TC Dept)
Qualification PhD ,ME(Electronics), BE(Electronics)
Experience 15.6 Years
Area Of Interest VLSI Design & Wireless Communication
Email Seema.rajput@cumminscollege.in
Contact  No. 020-25311324
ashwini-deshpande Name Dr. Mrs. Ashwini M. Deshpande
Designation Associate Professor
Qualification Ph.D. (Electronics  Engineering)
Experience 20 Years
Area Of Interest Digital Image Processing, Digital Signal Processing, Machine Learning
Email ashwini.deshpande@cumminscollege.in
Contact  No. 020-25311125
anita-patil Name Dr.Anita S. Patil
Designation Associate Professor
Qualification PhD(Electronics)
Experience 28 years
Area Of Interest Power, Microcontroller, Biomedical Signal Processing
Email anita.patil@cumminscollege.in
Contact  No. 020-25311217
palan-nitin Name Dr. Nitin Palan G.
Designation Associate Professor
Qualification Ph. D (Electronics)
Experience Teaching: 25 Years Industrial: 3 years
Area Of Interest DSP, Wireless sensor network, Embedded Systems
Email nitin.palan@cumminscollege.in
Contact  No. 020-25311214
megha-borse Name Dr. Megha S. Borse
Designation Associate Professor
Qualification Ph. D(Electronics)
Experience 19 years
Area Of Interest Biomedical Image Processing
Email megha.borse@cummincollege.in
Contact  No. 020-25311213
bageshree-pathak Name Dr. Bageshree V. Pathak
Designation Associate Proffesor
Qualification Ph. D, M.Tech.(E&TC Microwave)
Experience Teaching: 25 Years  Industrial : 1 Year
Area Of Interest Signal processing, Audio Video Engg, Image processing
Email bageshree.pathak@cumminscollege.in
Contact  No. 02025311217
ashok-khedkar Name Dr. Ashok R. Khedkar
Designation Associate Professor
Qualification Phd. (Electronics)
Experience 15  years
Area Of Interest Wireless communication, Electromagnetic
Email ashok.khedkar@cumminscollege.in
Contact  No. 020-25311212
shubhangi-chaudhari Name Dr. Shubhangi R. Chaudhari
Designation Assistant Professor
Qualification Ph.D, M.E.(E&TC-Instrumentation & Control)
Experience Teaching: 20 Years   Industrial: 3 Years
Area Of Interest Wireless communication
Email shubhangi.chaudhary@cumminscollege.in
Contact  No. 02025311207
shashikant-sahare Name Mr. Shashikant L. Sahare
Designation Assistant Professor
Qualification M-Tech (Electronics Design and Technology)
Experience 15 Years
Area Of Interest Signal Processing,  Electronic Design, Robotics
Email Shashikant.sahare@cummincollege.in
Contact  No. 020-25311212
Name Mrs.Mangal S. Joshi
Designation Assistant Proffesor
Qualification M.E. (Electronics)
Experience 27  years
Area Of Interest DSP, SSDC, ICA, Speech Processing
Email mangal.joshi@cummincollege.in
Contact  No. 020-25311204
dixit-mrudul Name Dr. Dixit Mrudul Anand
Designation Assistant Professor
Qualification Ph.D. ,M.Tech. E &TC(Computer)
Experience 17 years 11 months
Area Of Interest Computer Networking,  Soft Computing Techniques, Machine Learning
Email mrudul.dixit@cumminscollege.in
Contact  No. 020-25311217
pallavi-kamble Name Mrs. Pallavi P. Kamble
Designation Assistant Professor
Qualification B.E.(Electronics) M.E. pursuing
Experience 18 years
Area Of Interest Embedded Systems
Email pallavi.kamble@cumminscollege.in
Contact  No. 020-25311213
sharad-dube Name Mr. Sharad G. Dube
Designation Assistant Professor
Qualification M-Tech (E&TC)
Experience Teaching: 16 Years Industrial : 1 Year, 10 years as a Technical Assistant
Area Of Interest Embedded Systems, Wireless Networks
Email sharad.dube@cumminscollege.in
Contact  No. 020-25311214
narendra-kulkarni Name Mr. Narendra  D. Kulkarni
Designation Assistant Professor
Qualification M-Tech (E&TC), ADCCAASS
Experience 13 years
Area Of Interest Digital Electronics, Analog Communications
Email narendra.kulkarni@cummincollege.in
Contact  No. 020-25311211
sachin-paranjape Name Dr. Sachin  Paranjape
Designation Assistant Professor
Qualification Ph.D., M. Tech.( Electronics – Computers)
Experience 15 years
Area Of Interest Data Structures, OOP, WSN
Email sachin.paranjape@cummincollege.in
Contact  No. 020-25311212
pote-mahesh Name Mr. Pote Mahesh K
Designation Assistant Professor
Qualification M. Tech. E&TC, Ph.D (Pursuing)
Experience 14 years
Area Of Interest Wireless Communication, Embedded Systems
Email mahesh.pote@cumminscollege.in
Contact  No. 02025311211
manasi-pathade Name Mrs. Manasi V. Pathade
Designation Assistant Professor
Qualification M.E.(E & TC), Ph.D. (Pursuing)
Experience 16 years
Area Of Interest Image Processing, Integrated Circuits, VLSI.
Email manasi.pathade@cumminscollege.in
Contact  No. 02025311226
amitkumar-khade Name Mr. Amitkumar S. Khade
Designation Assistant Professor
Qualification M.E. (Electronics),,Ph.D. (Pursuing)
Experience 10 years
Area Of Interest Analog COMS VLSI
Email amitkumar.khade@cummincollege.in
Contact  No. 020-25311214
padalkar-ganesh Name Mr. Padalkar Ganesh Ravindra
Designation Assistant Professor
Qualification M.E.(Electronics) Ph.D pursuing
Experience 13.5 years
Area Of Interest Communication Engg., Image Processing
Email ganesh.padalkar@cumminscollege.in
Contact  No. 020-25311227
vidya-sisale Name Mrs. Vidya Sisale
Designation Assistant Professor
Qualification M.E (Electronics)
Experience 12 years
Area Of Interest Image Processing, Neural network
Email vidya.sisale@cumminscollege.in
Contact  No. 020-25311226
s-potdar Name Mrs. S. A. Potdar
Designation Assistant Profesor
Qualification M.Tech
Experience Teaching : 11 years
Area Of Interest Networking, Image processing
Email sandhya.potadar@cumminscollege.in
Contact  No. 020-25311226
milind-patankar Name Mr. Milind S. Patankar
Designation Assistant Professor
Qualification M.E.(Electronics)
Experience 10 years(Teaching)
Area Of Interest Electromagnetics, Automotive Electronics
Email milind.patankar@cumminscollege.in
Contact  No. 020-25311211
padma-hirave Name Mrs. Padma M. Hendre
Designation Assistant Professor
Qualification B.E (E&TC) M.E (signal processing)
Experience 10 years(Teaching)
Area Of Interest Signal Processing
Email Padma.hirave@cumminscollege.in
Contact  No. 020-25311228
sagar-vanarase Name Mr. Sagar Sudhakar Vanarase
Designation Assistant Professor
Qualification M.E. (Electronics)
Experience 18 years(Teaching)
Area Of Interest Embedded System Design, Computer Networks
Email sagar.vanarase@cumminscollege.in
Contact  No. 020-25311227
kalpana-santosh-joshi Name Mrs. Kalpana  Santosh Joshi
Designation Assistant Professor
Qualification M.E. (EleCtronics) Ph.D. (Pursuing)
Experience 18 years
Area Of Intrest DSP,SSDC, Basic Electronics
Email  kalpana.joshi@cumminscollege.in
Contact  No. 020-25311228
prachi-wagmare Name Mrs. Prachi Wagmare
Designation Assistant Professor
Qualification M.E. (Electronics, VLSI and Embedded Systems)
Experience 17  years
Area Of Intrest VLSI , Wireless Communication
Email  prachi.waghmare@cumminscollege.in
Contact  No. 020-25311228
rupali-pawar Name Mrs. Rupali S Pawar
Designation Assistant Professor
Qualification M.E E&Tc
Experience Teaching: 16 years
Area Of Interest Digital Image Processing, Communication engineering
Email rupali.pawar@cumminscollege.in
Contact  No. 020-25311207
r-r-borhade Name Mrs. R.R. Borhade
Designation Assistant Professor
Qualification M-Tech (E&TC-Microwave), (Ph.D Pursuing)
Experience Industry-4 years, Teaching-12 Years
Area Of Interest Wireless Communication, Biomedical Signal Processing
Email ratnaprabha.borhade@cumminscollege.in
Contact  No. 020-25311220
supriya-mangale Name Miss. Supriya Anil  Mangale
Designation Assistant Professor
Qualification M.Tech (E&TC) Ph.D. (Pursuing)
Experience 17 years
Area Of Interest Video signal processing
Email supriya.mangale@cumminscollege.in
Contact  No. 020-25311213
ravikant-suryawanshi Name Mr. Ravikant Suryawanshi
Designation Assistant Professor
Qualification M.Tech(Electronics Digital Systems)
Experience 4 years
Area Of Interest Embedded Systems, VLSI
Email ravikant.suryawanshi@cumminscollege.in
Contact No. 020-25311227
tejshree-kadam Name Mrs. Tejshree Pawar
Designation Assistant Professor
Qualification M.Tech. (Signal Processing)
Experience 7 years
Area Of Interest Programming Language, Signal processing
Email tejashree.kadam@cumminscollege.in
Contact  No. 020-25311220
tejshree-kadam Name Mrs. Anamika Kumari
Designation Assistant Professor
Qualification M.Tech. Control Systems
Experience Teaching: 8 years
Area Of Interest Electromagnetics, Optical sensor, Metamaterials
Email anamika.kumari@cumminscollege.in
Contact No. 020-25311204
snehal natekar Name Ms. Snehal Avadhut Natekar
Designation Assistant Professor
Qualification M.E.(Digital Systems)
Experience Teaching-5.5years
Area Of Interest Digital Electronics, Electronic Design
Email snehal.natekar@cumminscollege.in
Contact No. 020-25311203

Laboratory Summary

The department of Electronics and Telecommunication has thirteen well equipped labs. The labs have the latest equipments such as Digital Storage Oscilloscopes, Spectrum Analyzer, OTDR, Xillinxs, Three Phase Converter, Power Scope, Logic Analyzer, Fiber Optics trainer kits, Microwave trainer kit and DSK TMS 320C6713 DSP kits, TMS 320C6437,Da-Vinci 6446 DSK and DSP Controller Kit. All these labs are well equipped with latest Intel Core i3 computers with LCD Monitor, LCD Projector, and Laser Printers with UPS backup.

These Computers have licensed Software such as CADENCE software, Proteus, MatLab, MultiSim 11.0, Active HDL, CCS etc.

Lab Info

Sr. No. Laboratory Name Lab Incharge
1. Computer Lab-I (LEC-II) Mrs. Varsha Kulkarni
2. Computer Lab-II (LEC-III) Mrs. A. R. Fukane
3. Computer Lab-III (LEC-IV) Mrs. Preeti Shenolikar
4. Computer Lab -IV (LEC-V) Mrs. M. A. Jabde
5. Project Lab (LEC-VI) Mrs. K. A. Rajwade
6. Basic Electronics Lab (LEC-VII) Mr. Chetan Godse
7. Analog Lab (LEC-VIII) Mrs. S. D. Katurde
8. Power Lab (LEC-IX) Mr. V. P. Shinde
9. Fiber Optic Lab (LEC-X) Mrs. S V. Dole
10. Communication Lab -I (LEC-XI) Mrs. G. V. Deshpnade
11. Communication Lab-II (LEC-XIII) Mr. A. A. Damle
12. Signal Processing Lab (LEC-XII)(Exclusive For M.E.) Facilities with Advance VLSI CADENCE. Mrs. D.Y. Tambe
13. Research Lab (LEC-I) Mrs. A. A. Damle

Laboratory Details

Laboratory details click here

News letter “Tarang”

It is generally observed that engineering students remain inchoate in their writing skills when they passout and join the industry. To encourage the students to enter the exciting field of creative writing the Department publishes ‘Tarang’ magazine every semester. The magazine include technical as well as general writing. Trang provides the students and staff of the department a platform in which they can develop the requisite perspicuity in technical and general writing. The student are provided guidance to hone their writing skills whenever.

Current Newsletter

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